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This Week's Homework




Monday through Thursday

READING:  Vocabulary Words

*Read and study the words and the definitions (meanings) each night using the provided cards.  Vocabulary part of the Test will be on Thursday.

*Worksheet:  complete the assigned part each night.


MATH:  Skill- Understand Halves, Thirds, & Fourths

*Study and complete Math worksheets each night.  Test on Friday.

*Study/Memorize/Write each group of Math Facts.  Timed Test on Math Facts Thursday.

*Facts on ______________’s                                                or NONE



ENGLISH:  Commas in Compound Sentences & Order of Sentences

Review Skills: Pronouns, Adverbs, Adjectives, Verbs, Nouns, , 4 Types of Sentences, Writing Sentences Correctly

*Study and complete worksheet each night. 

Tests:  Wednesday and Thursday

PHONICS:  Homonyms, Antonyms, Synonyms

Study the worksheets each night.  Test- Thursday


SPELLING:  Written Test Thursday

STUDY words.

Practice writing words in cursive on the worksheet each night.



Resources and Choices (22)

Students will extend and refine their knowledge of humsn, nautral, and capital resources and the ways they are used.

Study worksheets and/or booklet each night.

Test on Friday