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This Week's Homework



Monday through Thursday

READING:  Vocabulary Words

*Read and study the words and the definitions (meanings) each night using the provided cards.  Vocabulary part of the Test will be on Thursday.

*Worksheet:  complete the assigned part each night.


MATH:  Skill- Tell and Write Time

*Study and complete Math worksheets each night.  Test on Friday.

*Study/Memorize/Write each group of Math Facts.  Timed Test on Math Facts Thursday.

*Facts on 9’s—Write facts 5 times each.


ENGLISH:  Contractions

Review Skills:  Pronouns, Adverbs, Adjectives, Verbs, Nouns, , 4 Types of Sentences, Writing Sentences Correctly

*Study and complete worksheet each night. 

Tests:  Wednesday and Thursday


PHONICS:  Synonyms

Study worksheets for Test on Thursday.


SPELLING:  Written Test Thursday

STUDY words.

Practice writing words in cursive on the worksheet each night.


SCIENCE:  Scientists & Inventors

Students will learn about people who made important contributions to our country.

Study worksheets and/or booklet each night.

No Study Guide---We will be working on Science for approximately three weeks.  Grades will come from class assignments, class quizzes, participation, and home project assignments.

               In Class

Poster Project for a Grade

Information on home projects will be given at least a week before the project is due.